Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recovery Mode? Hardly!

More stolen neigbor roses for my xeriscape yard
I am resisting the urge to have grandchild pictures all ways, all the time. You know how it is. It’s like potato chips. They are addicting . . .

Oh, no. Sorry. It’s just a little one. I’m trying. Really.

Baby is Here 2

Proud parents!

Baby is Here!

Grandpa and Grandma are once again mooning over a most beautiful child! #3 grandchild gave her mom and dad fits and finally was brought C-section, but we are rejoicing for a healthy baby and mom. Now Grandma can get some sleep!

We’re having a baby . . .

. . . which has nothing to do with this post content!
I like the shot–sails against the wispy sky–but the most important thing is our stubborn little grandchild #3 is having to be coaxed from her cozy den to the air-breathing world. Am I pacing? Kind of. Induction makes me pace harder. Breathe, push, take pictures! Oh, wait I’m the grandma.

39 years and counting…

Today marks our 39th year of marriage. Trippy! I can’t believe how old that sounds.
We decided to take a picturesque road trip on routes some of which we haven’t ever driven (too busy working and raising kids). It was a fun day of sightseeing and photo snapping.
I decided to take my second husband rather than my first. My second husband does laundry, brings me flowers, and listens when I need to rant. He is much better than that first guy I married :-) , but they suprisingly do have a lot physically in common.
Happy anniversary to us!

Master and Commander–the Sequel?

I’m pretty sure Russel Crowe didn’t know he was being followed by a sub!

Sky Portal

Beam me up till after the elections.

Color Me Fall

It has been unseasonably warm, so the leaves are taking their jolly good time changing colors. And many trees are giving up and just going green to moldy brown in one discouraged step.

So I went to the pumpkin patch near work to get a jolt of fall color. This is not your mama’s pumpkin patch, however. I intentionally avoided taking pictures of the jumping harness thingy, the bouncy castle and slide, the junky fair-mode carousel, and the salmonella-laden petting zoo. Do they even have pumpkin patches with just pumpkins anymore. Sorry, my cynicism is showing. Love the pumpkins, though.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doc at the Dock

Hey doc, can you help me. I think I slept wrong. I have this serious crick in my neck.

Got You Covered

Good, good . . . yeah, yeah . . . a little to the left. I think by linking our towers we have much better cell coverage. How many bars do you have now?


giraffe speak, fat?
Wait, do these spots make me look fat?

Soft as Pink

Soft as pink,
quiet as still–
beauty in strangeness.
Delicate as strong,
willowy as tall,
awkward in exquisite form.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Grammmmma Leelllllly!

Sweet sounds!

Election Time at the San Diego Zoo

The debate got a bit testy at times, but any debate that ends without drawing blood is deemed a good one.

The moderator was fairly unbiased except when she threw that piece of raw meat to the right of the stage.

The reporters stood at the ready, waiting for that one soundbite that would make the difference between peace in our time and utter chaos with no by lines.
The audience was a mixed lot. There were the apathetic types.

There were the thoughtful yet undecided voters.

There were the intolerant one-issue voters that shouted down the rest.

Then there were the frustrated ranting Canadians who left because they couldn’t vote anyway.

Some in the audience were just confused over the whole affair: red rock, black rock, red rock, black rock. Doesn’t anybody have a voter’s guide handy?

China watched from afar, deciding which American city might be the best governmental headquarters after they call in our loans.
And now on to the final debate. (Would someone go call back the Canadians!)


Hug me, love me,
feed me
bamboo, you
who walk in a steady line,
who stalk in a steady line.
Hug, me, love me,
feed me.

Not Meerly a Kat

I auditioned for the spokes-animal for Geico, but they gave it to the stupid gecko.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

I think I saw that the challenge last Friday was “Happy.” This is a sample of my most recent “happy.” Grandbabies rule!

Upwardly mobile mobile . . .

This is the most expensive mobile on the block. I used mismatched silver cutlery along with a pewter something or other. It gives a lovely tinkle in the wind.
Don’t break into my yard to steal it. I have a very big, ferocious . . . attack hummingbird.
(Thanks to my Knitting Kat blogspot blog friend for the idea.)

Can you tell I’m having grandma time?