Monday, May 6, 2013

Next Time

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Next time,
I will rest walk.
I will not flit from flower to flower like a butterfly,
capturing this and that in my digital memory.
As fun as that is, next time,
I will think walk.
I will not adrenalin-rush the next tooth and claw scene,
trying not to miss, trying not to blink.
Next time,
I will pray walk,
absorbing the wonder, wondering at the wandering soul I am,
loving the undeserved gift for itself in just this moment.
Next time.
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14 Responses to Next Time

  1. dorannrule says:
    What a beautiful peaceful place you have captured. I want to sit there too.
  2. Such a lovely place. Where is it? Love the poem too! Deep breaths, slowing down, etc. I’m still learning that too.
  3. Penelope says:
    wow its stunning there!!!
  4. ly says:
    Great reminder to put the snapshots in our own memory and heart.
  5. So pretty. There was a botanical garden in Omaha. I miss that place.

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