About Lilly

Reading, writing, composing, and singing is a part of who I am.  A blog is not just about an audience, though there is value and fun in that; it is about reaching out, sharing a gift, rubbing shoulders with like-minded souls who affirm my ah-ha moments.

Random things:
  • Canadian, but they still hound me for jury duty so they can reject me.
  • Discography (read that vinyl, not CDs):  Lilly (Destiny Records), Especially for You, and I Am Blessed (Myrrh / Word)
  • Check out Lilly Green Music on FB
  • Spend that 99 cents and download “Very God of Very God” from i-tunes or Amazon!!!!  I can’t get my family to do it, so I’m relying on perfect and not-so perfect strangers.
  • 4 boys, 3 married and living hithor and yon across the globe
  • 1 grandchild (best in the world so far!)
  • Homeschooled my kids and survived–even grew smarter
  • Currently teaching independent study for a Christian school, part of the home education arm of the school
  • Help administrate home ed department with my husband
  • Love clouds, trees, mountains, and all manner of water
  • Think blue skies day after day are boring
  • Health food nut and avid juicer (read that: not performance-enhancing kind, but rather the fruit and vegie kind)
  • Grind my own grain and bake my own bread (am not Amish)
  • Sold on organics and sustainable farming (Say NO to giant agribusiness!)
  • Love to photograph:  I see the my world framed in pictures with or without my camera.
  • Singer, composer, worshiper, quilter, armchair theologian, poet, and sometime complainer
  • My art is taking a back seat to have-to’s–ah, that making a living jazz!
  • Pacifist unless you come for mine :-)
Another blog of mine:  apronhead.wordpress.com